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Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

The epidemic of domestiviolence and sexual assault is real.  The pervasiveness of its infection excludes no demographic- including the Deaf community.  Interpreting for victims/survivors of of these horrible crimes requires knowledge and skills outside our everyday experiences.  In partnership with Deaf professionals, it is my goal to bring awareness to the specific skills needed to interpret in this arena, and share what I have learned to bring a more qualified interpreter to these highly charged situations.

Training Topics & Concepts

Below are a list of trainings offered.  The time frame and key topics are listed.  Times and concepts can be adjusted based on the needs of the audience.

3 hr Training: Interpreting in Situations of Domestic Violence

3 hr Training: Interpreting in Situations of Sexual Assault

* 3hour trainings include the dynamics specific to the topic, what to expect, safety planning, vocabulary and practice scenarios.

6 hr Training: Interpreting in a Violent World (Combines Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault)

16-20hr Training: (4 Hr Series of 4-5 topics) including those listed above as well as an introduction to the the general dynamics of Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault and working with a CDI & Deaf Advocate (It is preferred that a CDI and Deaf Advocate are scheduled to team teach sections specific to their expertise, therefore arrangements made in far advance are appreciated in order to coordinate, and accommodate several schedules. )

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All donations will go directly to programs that support Deaf survivors

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