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Interpreting & Training

"It is not just American Sign Language that changed who am and my view of the world.  It is the Deaf Community, the people who taught me the language and changed my life and world for the better." 

- Dawn Duran

Communicating with Sign Languages

About Dawn Duran



I am an American Sign Language interpreter holding RID NIC Advanced and RID SC: L certifications. 

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development, with an emphasis on Language Development from Brigham Young University.  

While there I met Deaf friends and fell in love with the community and language. I have been interpreting since January 1990 and have interpreted in almost every setting I can think of. I specialize in interpreting for survivors of domestic and sexual violence, mental health and substance dependence.  I have also been a mentor, trainer and presenter for over 20 years.

I served on the RID Professional Development Committee for over 10 years and currently serve on the advisory committee for the Bridges program in Georgia. 

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TELEPHONE | 678-882-4900

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