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I currently work as the Vice President of Marketing & Relationships for ASL Communication. I am also a presenter and trainer.  In fact, I sometimes teach workshops on one of my favorite loves- taxes.  I know, I know, sounds sick! But teaching freelance interpreters to best plan for self-employment taxes as a sole proprietor is something I truly love. As many of us interpreters often do, I found my niche in the world of interpreting, and it wasn't taxes.  It was interpreting for survivors and professional service providers in the arena of domestic violence and sexual assault.  I continue to research and educate myself on the topic and constantly find even more focused areas that need attention and training. 

My own life experience with domestic violence and sexual assault would seem to preclude me from being one who wants to delve too much into the topic, but I have found that this has not only made me a better interpreter and provided me opportunities to share what I have learned, but it has been cathartic in my own efforts to heal and become a survivor. 

My educational background includes a BS Degree in Family and Human Development as well as other specific training in the area of developmental disabilities, case management and advocacy. I am a certified interpreter (RID NIC Advanced, RID SC:L and UT Professional). 

However, no degree or certification has compared to the training that came from experience and the support of those around me.  I have been supported and uplifted in my efforts by Sego Lily Center for the Abused Deaf (SLCAD).  I express sincere gratitude to SLCAD and many others for their part in my training, efforts to share what I learn, and the impact it has had on me personally.  I have been professionally enhanced, and it has helped me grow personally, and blessed my family.  I am married to a wonderful man from El Salvador, Carlos Duran.  Having lived in El Salvador during the civil war, he is no stranger to the impact of violence on the balance of a person's life.  We have four amazing children- one girl and three boys.  And, that is enough!

No one would believe I actually wrote and posted this myself if I did not end by saying that though this is my professional passion, my personal passion (some would say obsession) is with Daughtry! Therefore, in the interest of being honest about who I am, I will post my latest picture with Chris.  If you are wondering who Chris Daughtry is, never ever mention that to me.  Play along like you know, or do a google search.  If you open the door to me explaining who he is or why I like him, you will be in for a long, drawn-out conversation.